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Our Curriculum

Subject Areas – Science Vision

Note: For 2023-24 we are currently on Year A



At Worlingham CEVC Primary School Science is exciting. Children learn through practical experiments where they develop the scientific skills of observing, prediction, hypothesising, experimenting, recording and drawing conclusions. This leads to children learning to work as scientists, planning and becoming confident at undertaking scientific investigations. It is important that children get plenty of hands on experience in order to take control of, and further their own learning.

Various areas of science are covered across the school. These include:

  • Scientific Investigation that specifically looks at the skills necessary to understand how to set up an experiment in all topics of science;
  • Life Processes and Living Things which involves the biology of plants and animals, life processes, human biology, classification and ecology;
  • Materials and their Properties introduce the children to a broad study of materials: rocks, minerals and soils; types of materials and their uses; chemical reactions and the theories, which explain the properties of materials;
  • Physical Processes involves a study of electricity and magnetism, light and sound and closely related ideas on forces. Reference is made to a study of the solar system and the Universe.