Mrs Holly Marchand Headteacher

Teaching and Learning Lead, Assessment and Curriculum Support, Alternate DSL, Collective Worship Lead, Pupil Premium Lead, School Council Lead, Designated Teacher for Children in Care, SEND Support

Mr Matthew Brown

Deputy Headteacher

Year 5/6 Teacher – Blackbirds

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Online Safety Lead, Assessment Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, Support Staff Co-ordinator, RE Subject Co-ordinator, Maths Subject Support
Mr Brynn Eden Year 5/6 Teacher (UPS) – Blackbirds Music Subject Co-ordinator, Art Subject Support, Gifted and Talented Lead
Mr Richard Idle Year 5/6 Teacher (UPS) – Eagles Maths Subject Co-ordinator, PE Subject Support
Mr Don Marchand Year 5/6 Teacher (UPS) – Owls History Subject Co-ordinator, Geography Subject Support, English Subject Support, Alternate DSL
Mrs Wendy Jennings Year 3/4 Teacher (UPS) – Song Thrushes SEND Co-ordinator, Pastoral Lead, PSHE/RSE Joint Subject Co-ordinator, Support Staff Co-ordinator, Intervention Co-ordinator, Alternate DSL
Miss Beth Cleghorn Year 3/4 Teacher – Swallows PE Subject Co-ordinator, Computing Subject Support
Miss Amber Stevenson Year 3/4 Teacher – Swifts Science Subject Co-ordinator, Languages Subject Support, ECT Mentor
Miss Lauren Rush Year 3/4 Teacher – Skylarks ECT
Mrs Emily Hunt Year 3/4 Teacher – Song Thrushes MFL Subject Co-ordinator, Art Subject Support
Mrs Michelle Wood Year 1/2 Teacher – Wrens English Subject Co-ordinator, RE Subject Support, Collective Worship Subject Support
Mrs Louise Donovan Year 1/2 Teacher – Robins DT Subject Co-ordinator, Science Subject Support, Pupil Premium Support
Mrs Katie Stannard Year 1/2 Teacher – Wagtails PSHE/RE Joint Subject Co-ordinator, Geography Subject Support
Mrs Claire Warnes EYFS Teacher (UPS) – Kingfishers Key Stage 1/EYFS Lead, Forest School Lead, Art Subject Co-ordinator, Alternate DSL
Miss Robyn Pearce EYFS Teacher – Greenfinches Geography Subject Co-ordinator, History Subject Support, Nuffield Early Language Intervention Lead
Mrs Lesley BickersHigher Level Teaching AssistantComputing Subject Support, Online Safety Lead, Class Cover & Support
Mrs Sonja BrooksTeaching Assistant/HLTAClass Support, KS1 Reading Booster
Mrs Judith LeuenbergerHigher Level Teaching AssistantArt PPA, Art Subject Support
Mrs Sam HartTeaching Assistant/HLTAKS1 PPA, Class Support, Phonics Booster
Mr Daniel BakerHigher Level Teaching AssistantClass Cover & Support, KS1 and EYFS PPA
Mrs Joanne ChattenTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Sarah BrennanTeaching Assistant/HLTAKS1 PPA, Music Subject Support, Class Support
Mrs Amanda BrooksTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Elaine DayTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Emma MuttittTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Diane BuckinghamTeaching AssistantClass Support, Function Refreshment Co-ordinator
Mrs Gillian WrightTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Juliette HeadTeaching AssistantClass Support/Library
Mrs Deborah VaughanTeaching AssistantClass Support/Library
Mrs Clare WilliamsTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Emily SaylesTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Kirsty MayallTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Helen AldridgeCasual Teaching AssistantEYFS Tapestry
Mrs Kate WatsonTeaching AssistantClass Support, NELI
Miss Hennie CooteTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Zellah ChambersTeaching AssistantSEN/PP Intervention
Mrs Hayley JamesTeaching AssistantClass/SEN Support
Mrs Suzanne SummersTeaching AssistantClass/SEN Support
Miss Fiona BlairTeaching AssistantClass Support
Mrs Lisa HughesBursarFinance, HR/Staff Wellbeing, Lettings, Premises/Health and Safety, GDPR, Mental Health/First Aider
Mrs Anne StevensonOffice ManagerAdmissions, Attendance, General Administration
Miss Tanya BarberAdministrative AssistantOffice Clerical Support, Squirrels, Newsletter
Mrs Lucy ReavilAdministrative AssistantOffice Clerical Support, Squirrels, Newsletter
Mr Simon BickersICT TechnicianIT Technical Support, Long Term IT Plan
Mr Kevin CopemanCaretakerGeneral Maintenance, General Cleaning, Lettings Keyholder, Opening & Closing of School
Mrs Sue ThackerCleanerCleaning Staff Lead, General Cleaning
Mrs Lorna GibbsCleanerGeneral Cleaning
Mr Chris FisherCleaner/Relief CaretakerGeneral Cleaning, Lettings Keyholder
Miss Leah HumphreysRelief CleanerGeneral Cleaning
Miss Hannah MaidstoneCleanerGeneral Cleaning
Miss Bethany SkillingsRelief CleanerGeneral Cleaning
Miss Jazmin HumphreysRelief CleanerGeneral Cleaning
Mrs Tanya YallopCleanerGeneral Cleaning
Mrs Maxine GibbsMDSACo-ordinate MDSAs, Lunchtime Supervision
Mrs Joanne PerrinMDSA, Play LeaderLunchtime Supervision, Organise Play Leaders
Mrs Diane BuckinghamMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Lisa StewartMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mr Kevin CopemanMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Lisa MouncerMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Tanya YallopMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Cheryl LewisMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Sue ThackerMDSALunchtime Supervision
Miss Jazmin HumphreysMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Gemma StannardMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Laura HopeMDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Hayley TurnerMDSALunchtime Supervision
Miss Jessica GibbsMDSALunchtime Supervision
Ms Ellie ScourouRelief MDSALunchtime Supervision
Mrs Jennie MathewsCook in ChargeOverall Kitchen
Mrs Hayley TurnerKitchen AssistantKitchen Support
Mrs Gabrielle PartridgeKitchen AssistantKitchen Support
Mrs Diane BuckinghamSquirrels Co-ordinatorCo-ordinate Squirrels, Squirrels Supervision
Mrs Joanne PerrinSquirrels Co-ordinatorSquirrels Supervision
Mrs Hayley TurnerSquirrels Co-ordinatorSquirrels Supervision
Mrs Lisa StewartSquirrels Co-ordinatorSquirrels Supervision
Miss Jessica GibbsSquirrels Co-ordinatorSquirrels Supervision
Ms Ellie ScourouSquirrels SupervisorSquirrels Supervision