Our Curriculum

“Massive Minds, Huge Hearts, Guided by God”

In this section of the website, we have provided information about our school’s curriculum, including the content of the curriculum we follow in each academic year for every subject, information about our phonics and early reading approaches used in EYFS/KS1 and wide information about how we have approached our curriculum design and incorporated our school values-led vision within that. Our new vision and revised curriculum were designed across 2020/21 and became ‘live’ in September 2021. You can see how our values link to our curriculum through our Mapping Our Values page.

Our Curriculum ‘Big Picture’


Our Curriculum Maps and Half termly Overviews

What do children get taught at school every day? Our year/phase curriculum maps (below) and Half Termly Overviews page show how subjects are organised across year groups. Given the mixed nature of our KS2 classes, and potentially mixed Y1/2 classes in the future, they are designed around a 2-year rolling programme of coverage.
Subjects follow their own discrete progression of knowledge, skills, and vocabulary but where possible have also been arranged under umbrella ‘themes’ to help facilitate links and reinforcement more detailed information about a subject curriculum, please see the subject pages below.

Phonics and Early Reading

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Our Subject Areas

Please click on the relevant link below to see more detailed information about each subject. These pages are ‘working documents’ and as such are regularly developed, added to and updated.



Design and Technology




Primary Languages



Physical Education


Religious Education