Welcome from the Governing Body.

We work with the Senior Management Team in a friendly, supportive, yet challenging role.

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocese to ensure that the schools Christian ethos and values are upheld.

Parent Governors are appointed by the parents as a result of a nomination and election process.

Community Governors are, as their name suggest, volunteer from the local community.

LA Governors are appointed by the Local Authority.

At the moment we have 14 Governors. For information about our dates of meetings please see our school office.

No matter which category we fall into our aim is to maintain and raise the already high standards of teaching and learning in the school.

One of our main activities this academic year has been monitoring the provision of education during the health crisis. Governors have had regular contact with the school by both video and telephone calls as well as by occasional visits. We have supported the school in decision making about the manner of opening and risk assessment.

Each Governor has been assigned to monitoring of an area of school development. They will be actively involved through discussions with teachers and observation when visiting the school. We regularly ask questions about the teaching of the curriculum, what resources are available and how to further enhance delivery of the curriculum, making it enjoyable and creative.

We enjoy our meetings with teachers and children and are grateful to them for helping us to fulfil our role.

The Governing Body consists of 14 members made up as follows:

Local Authority Governor: 1
Parent Governors: 4
Staff Governor: 1
Headteacher: 1
Co-opted Governors: 2
Foundation Governors: 3
Associate Members: 2

Members of the Governing Body
Co-Chairs of Governors: Mr Matt Bodmer and Mr Peter Hobbs
Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs Stephanie Holbough

Local Authority Governor
Mr M Bodmer (Co-Chair)

Parent Governors
Mrs M Brown
Mrs H Marchand
Mrs S Holbrough
Mr O Garwood

Staff Governor
Mrs W Jennings

Mr P Seeman

Co-opted Governors
Mr M Clackett
Mr B Axon

Foundation Governors
Mr P Hobbs (Co-Chair)
Rev. P Cudmore
Dr. B Darch

Associate Members
Mr M Brown (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs L Hughes