Like a tree firmly planted by streams of living water we will grow in knowledge, love, faith and wisdom. Based on Psalm 1:3

We have also learnt a song which reinforces our Vision Statement ‘When God made the garden of creation’ emphasising the idea, that both in the world and at our school God loves all of us and there is room for everyone to happily learn.

Every Child Matters

Through our school Christian ethos, values and aims we provide opportunities for all children to develop an understanding of how to;

Be healthy

Stay safe

Enjoy and achieve

Make a positive contribution to society

Achieve economic well-being


· We are a happy and inclusive school where children of all faiths are valued individuals.

· All children have access to an appropriate primary curriculum which enables them to develop their potential and ultimately take responsibility for their own learning.

· We are committed to strive for excellence in education and in our care for each other.

· We aim to provide a secure, supportive and enriching environment in which children develop the knowledge and skills to become life long learners and confident members of the community.

· Working alongside our local church we encourage and develop Christian values so that our children have mutual respect and care for all people in the world.